BNCC COVID-19 Response

BNCC COVID-19 Response

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COVID-19 Updates

The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center has achieved the GBAC STAR accreditation which is the gold standard of prepared facilities. This accreditation means that a facility has:

We have enhanced the filtration and ventilization of the facility to meet the NYS standards specific to the COVID-19 guidelines. And lastly, we have committed to the Buffalo Cares Pledge along with many Buffalo businesses.

In addition to the GBAC and Buffalo Cares Pledge the BNCC has also created its own Health and Safety Promise.

Fully Vaccinated Events

Events listed below have submited plans that have been approved to host a fully vaccinated event.  All attendees must show proof of vaccination upon entry to the facility, failure to show proof of vaccination will result in no admittance to the event. Masks will not be required for fully vaccinated events but attendees are still encouraged to wear one. 

  • 2021 World's Largest Disco
  • 2022 Buffalo Auto Show 
  • Buffalo On Tap





What is the current status of holding a meeting or event in Buffalo?

Events and meetings can take place. 

When will Buffalo be permitted to host groups and events?

As of June 15, 2021, groups under 4,999 are able to meet. Groups exceeding 5,000 need to submit a plan to the NYSDOH for approval in order to host events. The BNCC is currently LIMITING all groups to 4,999 or less for all events.

Is/was your convention center operating as a COVID-19 testing facility or field hospital?

Fortunately, the local incidence of COVID-19 cases did not require using the interior of the center as a testing center. Our loading dock was used for a drive through testing facility through January 2022.

Who do I contact with additional questions and/or concerns?

The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center sales and services team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your upcoming event. Click here for contact information.


Are masks required in Buffalo?

As of February 28, 2022 the mask mandate has been lifted for events at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

Is it safe to travel to Buffalo during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The virus hit the New York City area of the state early and hard, prompting New York’s governor to “shut down” the state earlier than most. That helped flatten the curve and keep numbers relatively lower in Western New York in comparison to our downstate counter parts. A carefully phased reopening has kept the numbers relatively stable.

Local compliance with face covering and social distancing guidelines, a world-class healthcare system, and proactive city and county governments have thus far kept the area in relatively good straits with regards to COVID-19.

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) cleaning protocols can be found by visiting the NFTA Aviation Response here.

In addition to these airport safety measures, the airlines serving BNIA have instituted new health and sanitation procedures. Please check airline websites for details.

Local airport officials continue to work closely with county, state and federal emergency management, public health, and organizational partners to monitor the impacts of COVID-19.

Are there any restrictions regarding travel to Buffalo?

Currently, there are no travel restrictions regarding travel to Buffalo or New York State.

What safety guidelines are restaurants following?

New York State Department of Health in conjunction with the Governor’s office has developed very specific health and safety guidelines for foodservice businesses to follow, building on advice and input from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the details can be found here.


Are Buffalo hotels open?

Hotels are ready to welcome all guests traveling to the area. Please check with the hotel for details on specific amenities availability including meeting space. A safe guest experience is a top priority, and best practices for cleaning and sanitation are being implemented to minimize the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Contact the hotel directly for a list of specific sanitation and cleaning procedures.

Are restaurants open for dining?

Restaurants are open. Some have changed their hours due to staffing. Please check with the restaurant directly if you are intereested in dining out.

Do restaurants offer carryout and delivery options?

Yes. Many establishments have expanded their takeout options when in-person dining was restricted, and they continue to offer this service as a convenience to customers. Many have even added an option for curbside pick up.


**Due to the pandemic in place, the BNCC will be following federal/state/local guidelines that are in place at the time of an event.  Adjustments to program, function space or food & beverage may be required.**

 UPDATED AS OF 1-19-2022

 Examples of Social Distance Setups

 North Exhibit Floor

South Exhibit Floor

Room 101 

Room 106